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TCG PLM operate in the asset intensive industry. Our experience tells us that asset information management is a key improvement area for a successful business operation.

TCG PLM is a management consulting firm with extensive knowledge from nuclear; power plants; district heating plants; gas boilers and process industries. Our focus is primarily within following solution areas: Process Control; Enterprise Asset and Maintenance; Document Management; ERP; Master Data; and Integration technologies.

tgc plm Ambition

Our ambition is to help our clients making sure that the right information and right documents are made available at all time to people collaborating in projects; in operations; and in plant maintenance. By doing so we feel confident we will be able to achieve our vision to make our customers more profitable with a higher operation availability.

Our aim is to enable our clients to achieve a highly structured and streamlined business process.

By automation of the project and plant lifecycle processes will enterprises benefit from higher efficiency; cost reduction; agility; and risk mitigation.

The expertise of TCG PLM enables clients to present solid benefit models to its stakeholders, anchored in business cases.

Our conclusions may suggest (but not limit to):

  • Modification of business processes
  • Improved utilization of the existing IT environment
  • Enhancements by adding new solutions
  • Improved supplier information exchange handling

Our Values reflect the heart and soul of TCG

Our values define what it takes to work here and how we do things. When we interact with colleagues and customers, our values help us develop and grow – creating satisfied customers and realizing real business value.

Together they form a culture that we think is unique and different from many other companies:

  • We Trust each other
  • We Grow as One Team
  • Straight forward and open-minded
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Cost-conscious

We continouosly searching new ways of improving ourselves and learning from each other. We are open minded and are not afraid of challanging the way we do things. Simply want to be the best of the best and make a difference.

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